Foster City Dragon Boat Race FAQ


What is the minimum number of paddlers?

16 – 8 men and 8 women


What if I am short paddlers?

We can help provide you with extra paddlers Email:


Where is Practice?

Foster City Boat Park
899 Bounty Drive
Foster City, CA 94404

Map link here


What is the practice schedule

Will be published after April 30, 2016


Where can I download the waiver?


Can I bring my own drummer or steersperson?

You can have your own drummer but steersperson will be provided (unless your steersperson is approved by BAD).


Is it a problem if my paddlers miss practices?

No, there is no minimum number of practices.


Is there a maximum number of practices?

Yes, for this race, the maximum is 3.


What is the minimum age?

12 as long as at least 1 parent is also paddling.  16 otherwise.


If my team races in Foster City, can we race in the novice division at San Francisco Sept Race?

YES you can!  Foster City is the starter race for novice teams, leading up to the San Francisco Sept race.


Can I pay my registration fee with a credit card?

Yes via paypal at the following link – Pay for a Team Entry