2017 Finals Race Results:

Mixed A Final
1st place – Stockton Delta Dragons
2nd place – AAA Savage Squid
3rd place – We Be Dragons (Lawrence Livermore Labs)
4th place – Bank of the West Bears
5th place – Visa Waves

Mixed B Final
1st place – CapGemini Dragons
2nd place – McKesson Dragons
3rd place – NAAAP Lions
4th place – Dragon ATTack
5th place – Team Asian American Cancer Support Network

Mixed C Final
1st place –  Bare Naked Dragons (Northland Controls)
2nd place –  Ralston Rage
3rd place –  Mosaix ClouDragons
4th place –  SF Sewer Sailors (City of SF-DPW)
5th place –  Go RAMS

Mixed D Final
1st place –  FCPC Dragon Hearts
2nd place –  CABS Dragons
3rd place –  Henlix Kraken

Downloadable Full Race Results