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This then all right Let s safe prescription weight loss drugs go and see in the village Director Liu of the canteen heard what Zhao Zhongyao said, although he was a little unwilling.But he also had to listen to what Zhao Zhongyao said.After all, Zhao Zhongyao is his leader.People are leaders, of course they have to listen to them.People can do whatever they want.After that, Zhao Zhongyao took Director Liu from the cafeteria, and the two came to a nearby village together.After arriving in the best pills for weight loss village, they burn fat pills gnc came to fat burning workouts for men the door of the village.Zhao Zhongyao just saw a child playing at the door.He walked over and looked top 10 weight loss pills uk at the superslim pomegranate pills kid and said, My kid, do you have a rope in your house Can Unique new weight loss supplement Purefit Keto Pills you give it to me Our car is broken and we need to use a rope to pull it out of the puddle.This is a teenage boy.He listened to Zhao Zhongyao and looked at him Accelerate digestion for quicker fat breakdown Purefit Keto Pills and said, Uncle, you need to use The 9 Best Keto Supplements Purefit Keto Pills a rope We Supports the body’s fat excretion processes Purefit Keto Pills have one in our house, I will use hydroxycut success rate it diarrhea pills to lose weight for you Okay, thank you.Zhao Zhongyao listened.After saying what the kid said, he was kind to him.After hearing what Zhao Zhongyao said, the child looked at him and said, You wait, I will take it for cambogia garcinia does it work you.After speaking, the child turned around and returned home.Watching the child go home.Zhao Zhongyao felt Block fat production Purefit Keto Pills that the matter was going well.As soon as he entered the village, he ran into a child, and he immediately went home to fetch the rope.After a while, the little child came out of the house with a rope.It s just that Zhao Purefit Keto Pills Zhongyao and Director Liu of the cafeteria felt a little bit dumbfounded when they looked at the rope.Uncle, here you are, take this rope, you can use it The kid handed a pure slim keto rope about three meters long with only pills that make you lose weight without exercise peanuts thickness to Zhao best gnc weight loss products Zhongyao.After he saw it, he felt that the rope was too thin, and it was impossible to use it to tow the car.Children, this rope is too thin, do you still have a thicker rope Zhao Zhongyao took the rope that was only as thick as peanuts, fiddled with it in his hand, and then passed it to the what is keto max kid.Uncle, our rope is strong, you just use it After hearing what Zhao Zhongyao said, the kid tilted his head and said innocent words.Zhao Zhongyao walked over and touched the kid s head and said, My kid, Burn stored fat Purefit Keto Pills we are going to use a rope to tow the car Your rope can only be used to tie things, not to tow Purefit Keto Pills the car.Why not It can be Accelerate digestion for quicker fat breakdown Purefit Keto Pills used, our rope is healthy appetite suppressant strong.After this kid heard what Zhao Zhongyao said, he still tilted his head, looking serious.Kid, this rope is Purefit Keto Pills An all-natural herbal weight loss supplement, Forskolin accelerates the process to shed extra fat. It reduces hunger, blocks carbs and helps regulate sugar and carb digestion. Combine it with healthy diet, like keto, and exercise to enjoy faster results. really too Burn stored fat Purefit Keto Pills thin to be used.Zhao Zhongyao could only insist on hearing what the kid said.Xiaoming, who are you talking to Just when the kid wanted to say something, he saw a middle aged woman coming out of the house.When she saw Zhao Zhongyao and Director Liu in the cafeteria, she was shocked, and she didn t diatary suppliments know Say Goodbye Fat Purefit Keto Pills who they were.Xiao Ming, go home, there is nothing to do with Purefit Keto Pills you here.This middle aged woman is afraid that Zhao Zhongyao and Director Liu of the cafeteria are two bad guys I want to let my children go home quickly.But the little child smiled after hearing what the middle aged woman said, Mom, they are not bad guys, they Burn stored fat Purefit Keto Pills are here to borrow a rope from us.

The most famous scientific journal.The people who can publish articles in this magazine are all world class scientists.Liu Feng had the courage to submit this paper of his own to such a world class academic journal.Of course it was a very can you drink alcohol on contrave bold idea.However, this is actually nothing.After all, World Nature is just a magazine.Anyone who is interested in academic achievements can submit their papers to the editorial office of this world famous academic journal.It s just that ordinary people, afraid they dare not think so, feel that their level is not qualified to contribute to this world famous academic journal.When Zhao Zhongyao heard Liu Feng say this, he was stunned for a while, and then said with a smile Haha, well, we young people must have such courage.No matter what kind of magazine best appetite suppressant supplement he is, we only need to have Courage, can you just submit your paper After hearing what Zhao Zhongyao said, Liu Feng felt that he was laughing at himself So he said Say Goodbye Fat Purefit Keto Pills with some embarrassment Director Zhao, you re not laughing at me If that s the case, I think it s fine, I d better choose power slim garcinia reviews Block fat production Purefit Keto Pills 360 white pill a domestic pills for sale online academic journal to submit Zhao Zhongyao listened to Liu When Feng said, he smiled again and said Look where you want to go, how could I laugh at you I have never published a paper in this World Nature magazine myself I am pill to boost your metabolism qualified to laugh at you.When Zhao Zhongyao said this, Liu pills to help metabolism Feng felt that he was thinking too much.Director Burn stored fat Purefit Keto Pills Zhao is not the kind of person who likes to laugh at others.Director Zhao, do you think that this paper of mine can be published in World Nature magazine I don t have any confidence myself.After all, Liu Feng is a young man who has just graduated from university for a long time., Now there are some achievements in transgenic technology.Just want to publish a paper in the World Nature magazine, which is indeed a bit of a goof.Liu Feng, don t think about it like this.There is a saying that weight loss pill that works the fastest is good, but is it human action As long as your paper is liked by the editors of World Nature, how could it not be published They how to get belviq don t know you It is a young man, a researcher who has just graduated from university.As long as your paper is well written, it will definitely be published in the journal World Nature.Chapter 889 Emotional Issues Chapter 889 Emotions Question As long as your paper is well written, it will be published in the journal World Nature.Zhao Zhongyao saw that Liu Feng was a little unconfident, so he encouraged him again.Liu Feng was very happy when he heard what Zhao Zhongyao said.Since Director Zhao believes me so, then I will not worried.Liu Feng said again.Okay, you can just submit this paper to World Nature magazine.Try it whether you can the best product to lose weight publish it or not.Is it human Zhao Zhongyao looked at Liu Feng again and said.Well, I listen to Director Zhao, no matter whether it can be published or not, I slimright reviews want to try it.Liu Feng said again.Okay, so be it Go and submit your paper tomorrow First vote in World Nature magazine.If it cannot be published, then submit it to some domestic academic journals.

Well, let s set off together tomorrow Professor Yuan looked all around slimming effect at Dean Chen again and said.Okay, I will leave tomorrow.If Liu Feng can be returned earlier, then our Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences will have a great talent.Dean Chen also said.In this way, on the second day, Professor Yuan and Dean Chen took a plane together and flew

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to Jianghai City.At that time, when the two met with Zhao Zhongyao, Liu Changyun and Liu Tianming, they only knew that Zhao Zhongyao was the leader of a military base under the Jianghai General Armament Department.But they didn t know where Zhao Zhongyao s military base was.After the two arrived in Jianghai City, they first inquired about the location of Jianghai s general equipment.Then we went to Jianghai General jlo weight loss pill Armament Department together.When they arrived at Jianghai General Armament Department, the two inquired about Liu Changyun s office.We found Liu Changyun first.Minister Liu, it s been a long time.Dean Chen looked at Liu Changyun with a smile and said.Afterwards, Dean Chen took the initiative to shake hands with Liu Changyun.Director Liu, hello.Professor Yuan also shook hands with Liu Changyun.Dean Chen, Professor Yuan, you are all of a sudden, what s going on from Beijing to our place Liu Changyun didn t understand.What matters was the two people suddenly ran from the capital to their is it legal to purchase phentermine online general equipment department.Minister Liu, we want to find a base leader under your General Armament Department.His name is Zhao Zhongyao.This is the young man who came to our Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences with you the last time.Looking at Liu Changyun and said.Oh, you are looking for Zhao Zhongyao, what s the matter Liu Changyun still looked at Dean Chen in confusion and said.That s right, we want to discuss one thing with Director Zhao.It is Liu Feng who was taken away by Director Zhao from (Redcon1 RPG) Purefit Keto Pills our General Armament Department.Dean Chen looked at Liu Changyun and said.That s it You don t want Liu Feng anymore, don t you want to give him to diet to lean down us Why do you want Liu Feng now.Liu Feng is just a fool What use do you want him, it is better to be in our base Staying, you can do some work and earn some money.When Dean Chen said that, Liu Changyun felt a little strange.I don t understand, what s the point of taking such a fool again After hearing Liu Changyun s words, Dean Chen smiled again and said, Minister Liu, don t you know that Liu Feng s illness is cured. Really I don t know In fact, Liu Changyun already knew, after all, Liu Tianming had already told him about this.He said this now, just pretending not to know.Really Is Liu Feng s illness cured Liu Changyun pretended to be ignorant.Yes Liu Feng s illness is not only healed, but he also published a paper in the journal World Nature.This kid, now seems really incredible, and soon will become a famous scientist in our country.Yes.Professor Yuan looked at Liu Changyun and said.Ah, that s the case, that s really great.It s our blessing to have such a talent in our General Armament Department.

Not yet.After I developed it, I brought it to you directly.I also know that you have been concerned about the development of body armor at our base.Thinking about it, even if you have conducted experiments at our base, you will have to conduct experiments when you arrive.So, I don t want to conduct experiments at our place.I want to bring it to you directly for the experiment.When Zhao Zhongyao said that, Liu Tianming looked at him and said Okay, let s natural belly fat burning supplements have a quick experiment I hope this time, the new body armor you developed , Can be better than last time.The two said, they went to the shooting range together.Same as last time, Zhao Zhongyao first fixed this body armor to a target.Then, the target with the body armor fixed on it was placed at a distance of fifty meters from the target platform.Because this is the strength of the experimental body armor, not the shooting accuracy of the experimental gun.So, just put the body armor 50 meters away from the target platform.If it is placed too green tea belly fat burner reviews far, it will not test the bulletproof function of this body armor.After all, no matter any gun, the shooting intensity within 50 meters is the greatest.If it exceeds fifty meters, the shooting intensity will drop.After Zhao Zhongyao fixed the target, he asked Liu Tianming to go to the management office of the shooting range and ordered two guns, one was a pistol and the other was a otc energy pills that work rifle.They also contained ten bullets directly in Purefit Keto Pills the gun.Liu Tianming arrived at the management office of this vitamins for fat burn shooting range.After he said that, soon there was a shooting range staff and all the guns he needed were prepared.After all, what Liu Tianming pills to help lose water weight is doing now is his job.He wants these staff to do these things, and these staff naturally dare not neglect.After all, this shooting range of the General Armament Department is used to test some light is orlistat safe to use weapons.Since Liu Tianming wanted a gun for the shooting experiment, the garcinia cambogia trial offer staff at the shooting range quickly cooperated with him and prepared both guns.The staff, after preparing these two guns, they brought them to Liu Tianming again.At this time, Liu Tianming said to a staff member Okay, you can just give me the gun.It s nothing for you.Originally, Liu Tianming could also ask the staff to help him complete this shooting experiment.But he just wants to have a gun addiction.After all, if leaders like them want to precription pills shoot, there are not many opportunities Now, since there is such an opportunity, of course I want to feel it.Since the last time Liu Tianming shot himself, he is still very interested in the feeling of shooting.Just want to feel it again.Director Liu, are you going to shoot by yourself This staff member is a middle aged man who has worked here for many years.He also knows Liu Tianming.Why, can t I shoot by myself Liu Tianming heard the staff member s words, and said after looking at him.No, Director Liu, shooting is also dangerous.You are a leader, how can you do these things yourself, let me shoot for you This staff member, although he has worked here for many years.

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